Living Intentionally For Excellence

Living Intentionally For Excellence

Something Right

T E A M - L I F E

The True Definition of WEALTH is how long can we sustain a living should our Monthly Income stop!

By joining This Community that
has the Right Products and Information,
using the Right System,
to Produce the Right Results, will resolve most issues that we are dealing with.

L*I*F*E* has World-Class Information from These Following 8 Catigories:
Faith, Family, Fitness, Freedom,
Friends, Finance, Following, Fun.

By Joining this Community we-


EQUALING these Four Industries consists of
Personal Development ($400 billion industry),

Networking ($100 billion industry),

Life Coaching ($1.5 billion industry),

Community Building (church, social
networking, other organizations).

LIFE has merged all four industries into a World-Class Compensation Plan with Personal & Leadership Development that deals with 8 critical areas of peoples life;

No other Organization has all Leading Trends
combined into one Diverse & Unique Package:

Personal Growth
Leadership Development
3). A Community working together
to achieve
their own Personal Goals
4). Creating Wealth
by Building a Pipeline of a
Passive Residual Income
A Mentor, Life Coach, & Upline Guidance Team
This is the Community of people wanting to better their lives by improving their own 8 F's and also to create wealth by
Team - Approach

T* E* A* M*


( BY )


L* I* F* E*

Benefits of Joining TEAM

Investing your TIME instead of Spending your time

Be Our Own Boss

Retire in Years Instead of Decades

This Business is Duplicatable

Free Up Time to Enjoy Life

Make Our Dreams Reachable

No Unlimited Upside Pay-Scale

Pays More Than We Will Ever From Our Job

No Large Investment

No Overhead Cost

Business Matures as We Do

Not Dependant Upon Anyone

This Business is an Internet Franchise

Based on Economic Trends
(Health, Wealth, Freedom)

No Licensing and No Fees

Business Grows Year After Year

Expenses are Tax Deductable

We Schedule Our Life

Reach Our Goals

Plugged into a System

Produces Results-Unification by Association & Duplication

Industrial Age Thinking

So many people who have listened to what they we were told:
Go to School,
Get Good Grades,
Get a Job in Our Profession...

We learned by getting a College Degree, or Higher.

A lot of people are now hurting because we either have to spend 60 hours a week working. We could be traveling all across the country for our job.

We spend more time for our company than our family. We Spend on the average 100,000 hours at work. We only get to spend approximately 25,000 hours with our Spouse. Our Children are lucky to see us for 12,500 hours. Seems like we are married to our work and we spend more time with the people of the Company than we do with our family.

On the other spectical, our knowledge cannot be put into the field of expertise so we settle for a lower paying job.
We end up working at a job that does not pay what we expected nor is it in our field.

So, we are barely keeping our bills paid or we are drowning in debt. Our dreams are becoming lost or non-existant. We wake up broker then when we went to bed by Interest added on our Credit Card Debt or Mortgage Payments.

We are the 99% of the population struggling to make ends meet.

Welcome to the Information Age!
Our Access To Financial Freedom!
~~~W O R L D-C L A S S~~~ I N F O R M A T I O N
The Blog below explains the different types of Packages that can be purchased seperately at a very low cost as compared to what is on the market today.

Should you decide to only work on Personal, Leadership, or Spiritual Issues about your life, then this information is available.
Rather you want to learn how to fix troubling issues about yourself and your family, or if you are pursueing a business, these World-Class Tools are what it will take to get on your way to fulfillment...

After all our thinking is what it will take for us

to achieve our dreams and resolve our issues!

LIFE is World-Class Information that is taylored around 8 Catigories which covers everyones situations in the world we live in.

FAITH - Belief, Hope, Religion, Higher Power, Character

FAMILY - Spouse, Children, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Grand parents, Cousins, In-Laws

FINANCE - Debt Free, Steady Income, Retirement Satisfaction, Donate to Church and Charity, Management

FITNESS - Diet & Exercise, Weight Management, Physical and Mental Stress, Support Group, Healthy Nutrition

FOLLOWING - A Higher Calling of Service, Involvement in a Community, Culture or a Movement

FREEDOM - More Time to Spend Without Obligations, Job Optional, Travel, No Worries, No financial obligations, no time clock, no alarm clock

FRIENDS - Fixing Old Relationships, Bonding With New People, Creating New Relationships, Understanding

FUN - Enjoying Life, No Worries, Happiness, Living your Dreams, Doing whatever and whenever we please


(Leadership, Personal, and Wealth Development) has 1,000's of hours of great information on CD's ranging from topics on personal to leadership to spiritual.

The books are from a collection of materials from excellent writers that dates back 10 centuries from the dawn of civilization.

The Information Age will prove to be the most effective of Civilization for the average person to gain knowledge and create wealth.
It is said there will be more Millionaires in the next Decade since the Creation of the Internet.

You can get on a Monthly Subscription from any combination of these three Professionally designed Systems..
1) Personal Development Series - covering the 8 f's listed above (consists of a book and 4 CD's - new material every month)

Our lives are lived out in the eight categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun. The LIFE series is specifically designed to bring you life transforming information in each of these categories. Whether you are interested in one or two of these areas, or all eight, you will be delighted with timeless truths and effective strategies for living a life of excellence, brought to you in an entertaining, intelligent, well informed, and insightful manner. It has been said that it may be your life, but it's not yours to waste. Subscribe to the LIFE series today and learn how to make yours count!

This can lead us to better understanding about ourself and the situation we are in. As long as we accept that we can at any age learn to be a better person, we can soon understand that the whole journey of life is about self-improvement. Therefore, getting involved with a Subscription for continual personal development helps us grow as a person and makes us teachable.

2) Leadership Series - From the L.L.R. Network (consists of a book and 4 CD's - new material every month)

Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point in his or her life, and often, at many points. The issue is whether or not people will be ready when called. The LLR series is based upon the NY Times, Wall Street Journal , USA Today, and Money Magazine best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution, written by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, in which leadership is taught in a way that applies to everyone.
Whether you are seeking corporate or business advancement, community influence, church impact, or better stewardship and effectiveness in your home, the principles and specifics taught in the LLR series will equip you with what you need.

Topics covered will include finances, leadership, public speaking, attitude, goal setting, mentoring, game planning, accountability and tracking of progress, levels of motivation, levels of influence, and leaving a personal legacy.

3) Spiritial Mentoring - no specific religion From the A.G.O. Series(Consist of a book and 2 CD's - new material every month)

Whether you have walked with Faith your entire life or just begun the journey, we welcome you to experience the love , joy, understanding and purpose that only Faith can offer.

This series is designed to touch and nourish the hearts of all faith levels as our top speakers, along with special guest speakers, help you enhance your understandingof God’s plan for your life, your marriage, your children, and your character, while gaining valuable support and guidance needed by all.

Spiritual (A.G.O.) Series
Spiritual (A.G.O.) Series
all profits of A.G.O. Sales go to support All Grace Outreach
Resolving Life's Challenges

Should you decide you don't want a Monthly Subscription and only have One OR a Couple issue'(s) then this option is available:

There are also CD Packs and Books you can Purchase at a low cost in taylored areas such as the Marriage, Relationships, Children, and How to Manage Finances.

LIFE helps us Basically in any areas that anyone would be dealing with.

If you just need to talk to someone, there is never a fee for talking to a Life Member.

We offer Self-Help & Leadership Information from a World-Class System.

Listening or reading to the materials and then applying it to our life's situations, we will learn how to deal and manage the difficulties around us.

Of Course, in order to subscribe or puchase materials or even get more information, you will need to contact a LIFE-Member.

I am a LIFE Member Feel free to contact me for more information
In Subject line type: ( Life Services )

(NOTE: We are not professionals in the Treatment of Mental, or Physical Disorders, nor do we claim to cure any diseases).

Team Life Member



Too Many People Are Truely Hurting!
Who are the 99%'s struggling?
= >




People who are now job optional (choose rather to work or not)!
= >

Be an original Character
to stand against the Crowd.


It is ok to fight for your Dreams.

Many times we will be criticized
for doing something bold.

Before we take advice from our friends, coworkers or family members, let's first check to see if the people doing the Criticism has the results we are looking for.

Most criticism comes from people without the fruit on the tree.